Catching a Spouse With Your Friend or Family Member

Finding out that your spouse has cheated is just about the worst and most common thing that could happen in a relationship. It tops the list of the most hurtful things any spouse can do to their loved one. You will find a whole lot worse things you can find out though, believe it or not. Take this as an example, your partner is actually having an affair with a family member or a close friend of yours. This is a double-whammy, because not only has your spouse betrayed your trust, they have been giving their affections to another, however they have taken part in ruining the relationship that you had with a trusted buddy, or family member. You may want to be everywhere else in the world than where you are, as the two people in your life that supposedly love you, have betrayed you. Blaming themselves is what many betrayed partners do after a situation similar to this. They'll wonder how they could have missed the signs, because obviously everyone else in their social circle, or family knows. Everyone hates to be the last to know! It's undignified.

The fact remains, indications most likely were there, without of course the pair did not see each other much. It's difficult to believe your own partner would cheat on you, so it's common for partners to overlook the signs. Considering some important things is critical. There is no need to feel insecure or ponder if something is going on if you notice your spouse do any of these things:

1. They looked too happy to see each other: Although this is a dead giveaway, it's hard to believe as you would not expect your partner to have an extramarital relationship with a family member or friend. Everyone is happy as can be in the innocent partners eyes. The two having an affair will take advantage of this and “hide in plain sight”. They may have little conversations in the backyard, or off in a corner at family parties. A trip to the grocery store with each other may be carried out. Your good friend might want a snack or a quick bite to eat out, and your spouse may jump at the chance to take them there. You get the picture. Taking advantage of harmless scenarios to continue their affair is what they are doing.

2. They appear uneasy around each other: This is in direct comparison to the previous scenario. Both of them start feeling uncomfortable and queasy as soon as they meet each other. They are often snappy for no reason, when they meet. There may be tension there, and the family member or friend may want your partner to leave you. Their sexual energy and tension might be seen by others around, the pair may feel that this is going on. In order to push everyone back, they create negative energy.

3. Hints are given by relatives and buddies: Friends and family might very well know what is going on, as often is the case. To this end, an individual might drop an errant statement or comment to express their disgust at the situation. The innocent husband or wife will only be heartbroken if these scenarios are taking place. If the partner is actually cheating on you and also destroying relationships with your loved ones, you have the right to know.

Source by Karen Margoretta