Features of Overseas Roaming SIM Cards

When people travel internationally whether for business or pleasure, they usually purchase overseas roaming SIM cards. These SIM cards offer convenience (the owner can make outgoing calls anytime or anywhere) and dependability (the owner is contactable in whatever part of the world he / she may be).

In choosing a global roaming SIM card, remember that not all cards are created equal. Some cards are more superior to others, but at the very least there are features that you must check to see if the SIM card that you have includes the minimum requirements such as:

1. A free starter credit- always verify the amount of credit before you use the card. It is also wise to send an initial SMS message or make an initial call to ensure that your SIM card is working perfectly well.

2. Double check the rates that the SIM card service provider offers- the reason why you are buying a global roaming SIM card in the first place is so that you can save on your international roaming calls right? Before you buy, make sure that they offer a good deal compared to the local provider in the country where you are right now.

3. Extensive coverage- you do not want to buy a SIM card that works only in two or three countries where you are traveling. As much as possible, check if the SIM card service provider can cover hundreds of countries so that you can maximize your investment.

4. Incoming calls or SMS messages are free- this is music to the ears of an international traveler. Why suffer to pay for all those incoming calls when you can practically get it for free? Neverheless, if you can not find a service provider that can offer this feature as a free service, there are those that will offer these at rock bottom prices.

5. Voicemail- make sure that this feature is always included in all your overseas roaming SIM cards to prevent missing important phone calls.

Source by Hamish Jones