Getting Work When There is No Work

Remember the good old days when we told our parents we needed money for a new game, toy, or even something as expensive as a bicycle? Most of them would create a job for us where no job really existed before. Maybe the windows would suddenly need to be washed, or the lawn would need mowing. Perhaps some errands to pick up milk at the store or a loaf of bread would materialize. Would not it be nice if life were that easy in today's economy?

Well, our parents may no longer be able to come up with an instant job for us, especially a job that pays enough to meet the higher cost needs of our adult world, but, in many cases, we can create a job for ourselves that will tide us over until a better one comes along. And, in some cases, it may turn out to be a job that turns into a permanent and satisfying career.

Have you ever spent a few minutes in front of a bulletin board at the mall or in a super market and wondered what all those little pieces of paper are doing there? Some advertise child care; others offer yard maintenance work, beginning computer classes, tap dance lessons, and a myriad of things for sale. Do any of these postings really yield results?

I can tell you that they do. My daughter worked in banking for many years before starting a family and deciding that she would like to have more control over her working hours in order to be home to take care of her children. She already had a notary license from her work at the bank so she decided to become a signing agent from her home.

Using the type of bulletin boards ads I mentioned above, she posted flyers describing her services which included things like visiting older people in hospitals and nursing homes who suddenly decided to update or change their wills and needed a notary to place an authorized seal on the papers . She offered to provide references from her former employers and the business started to grow. After a while, real estate agents began to call her to do the signing work on loans and mortgage papers. I was amazed at the variety of things a mobile notary was called upon to do, and the best thing was that she was able to schedule most of her signings when her husband was at home to watch the children, and, later, while her children were in school.

There is work involved in creating your own job, but there is work involved in working for someone else, too. Study a number of these bulletin boards and ask yourself, “What items could I post for sale that might bring in enough to pay the electric bill this month? What talent do I have that could have turned into a weekly class for several people? What service could I provide that others would be willing to pay for? ”

After you have come up with a project you want to pursue, give it all you've got. If you were working at a regular job, you would arrive early in the morning, put in your day, and not go home until your work for that day was done. Creating your own job will take a similar commitment.

Set some goals for yourself. Day one could be devoted to making a huge pile of flyers. Be sure they include not only what services you are offering, but some guarantee that you are trustworthy, such as a statement that you will provide references. Make sure your name and phone number stand out. Some people design their flyers with little tabs at the bottom that can be torn off with the name and phone number of your new business. Anything you can do to make it easier for a prospective client to remember you will be beneficial.

Days two, three, and four, could be sent distributing your flyers. Some establishments require that you ask permission to post on their bulletin boards while others are more lenient, so be sure you check before posting.

Make sure you have a phone that is not tied up all day. You want potential customers to be able to reach you. I do not know about you, but I give up after a couple of busy signals and move on to someone else. If someone in your family is always on the phone, consider a Tracfone or something similar to use exclusively for your new business. These prepaid phones can be purchased from most department stores for as little as $ 14.95 on sale and usually come with some built in free minutes so you do not have to pay out anything more until the original minutes are used up. By that time, you will know whether or not your new business is going to succeed.

If your original flyers do not result in any calls, it can be discouraging, but do not give up. Create some new flyers. If you have a computer, put some attention getting graphics at the top. Offer a discount for anyone who signs up before Christmas, or for 3 months in advance. You can come up with all sorts of attractive offers. True, discounts and other kinds of offers may cut back on your profit for a while, but you will make up for it later with satisfied clients who will recommend your services to their friends and relatives, and you will be the winner in the long run .

While you are waiting for your efforts at job creation to bear fruit, keep on putting your resume in at the usual places around town. It's like catching fish-the more hooks you have in the water, the more likely you are to catch a fish. Of course, where fishing is concerned, such tactics are illegal, but, fortunately, in searching for employment, there are no limits so keep on casting out that bait until you land the job that is right for you, or get your very own business off to a profitable start.

Source by Jeanne Gibson