How Is GoToMyPc Secure?

Possibly the largest consideration for programmers when creating a remote access service is the level of security that they implement. Having the ability to access your computer over the internet means that you are potentially transferring very personal and private data from the remote client to your local home computer, clearly without security this could be a major risk and vulnerability. Luckily services like GoToMyPc have taken this into consideration.

By default, things like remote desktop and VPN connections use high levels of security to ensure that all data transferred across the link is encrypted and is therefore unreadable by anyone who is intercepting it. Let's put this into an example so you can understand how this works.

Working example of data interception – Imagine you're sat at an internet cafe and you are using an open wireless connection. If you connect up and access the internet then you are freely exchanging information between yourself and the access point. Now imagine there is a hacker connected to the same wireless network. With a few simple tools and some know how the hacker can make your computer think that his computer is the access point. This means your computer will send all data to him first and then forward it onto the router. Now imagine you were using remote access without security? He would be able to see everything you were doing.

So how does GoToMyPc combat this problem? By using 128 bit AES encryption as standard. What this means is that GoToMyPc encrypts all the traffic from your remote client to your home computer and makes it unreadable. In the above example described the hacker could still intercept your data but none of it whatsoever would be readable.

Since GoToMyPc uses this form of encryption it makes it practically impossible for any hacker to see any of your personal information or data. When you first login to the GoToMyPc site, your computer and the remote server make an encrypted link and negotiate various options to use for the encryption level. You will be given access to a private key that only your pc and the server knows about, this key is then used to both encrypt the data before sending it and also to decrypt it when you receive it back.

As you can see, GoToMyPc are very serious about security and keeping your data safe, other cheaper services might not use these types of security procedures and are there before more prone to vulnerabilities.

Source by Andrew Hamington