How To Deal With Serious Cat Urine Problems

Are serious cat urine problems frustrating you? You are not alone.
Cat urine stains are among the most difficult to remove. First, there's
the strong ammonia-like odor. Then there's the dark, amber stain. Cat
urine is considered the worst of pet stains, and it's easy to see why.

If you have serious cat urine problems, there are several things you
need to know. Why would a cat urinate outside of the litter box? How
does one prevent a cat from urinating in the wrong place? What are
the best cleaning products to remove stains? How does one use them?

There is a lot to learn, and this article will provide you basic answers to
some of your questions. Once you have the basic information, you'll be
ready for more advanced information, tips, and techniques. Let's get
started with these Frequently Asked Questions.

Why did my cat urinate outside of the litter box?

Cats can urinate in places other than their litter boxes for a number of
reasons. One of the most common reasons is that the litter box is not
clean enough. If the litter box is clean, it's possible that it is not
placed in the perfect location – one that is private and accessible.

If you've ruled out those reasons, consider behavioral or medical
reasons. Cats that are not neutered or fixed may spray urine to mark
their territory. If you suspect a medical issue such as a bladder
infection, consult your veterinarian.


How do I prevent my cat from urinating in the wrong place?


Scoop the waste in the litter box and dispose of it at least once a day, or
twice if you can. In addition, change the litter completely at least once
a week. Cats are finicky, so you might even want to try different
brands or types of litter to see which one your cat responds to best.

If that's not enough, look for a product designed for eliminating odor
in litter. There are several cat-friendly powders that are made to
absorb moisture and odor from urine. Just sprinkle the power in the box
as directed.

Now you know the basics about why your cat might urinate outside of
the litter box and how to prevent him from doing so. You're ready
to learn about what cleaning products to use for cat urine stains, and how
to use them properly. You're on your way to eliminating your serious
cat urine problems.

Source by Jenny Johnson