How to Make Suncatchers Like Windchimes!

Suncatchers and windchimes, I think, are always an effective item. Generally they can be produced quite easily from items that you already own. So what I am about to suggest making, is done using old compact discs.

What else will I need to gather together to do this? Well, mainly some glue, a craft knife or scissors, bells, the CD’s and some coloured cord, twine, string or even ribbon. This will depend entirely on the colour of your chosen CD’s.

So let us try. Firstly, assuming that you have some nice and really bright colourful CD’s, let’s try with four to start with. Take the glue and stick two together with the labels on the inside. Now repeat this with the other two. I only say use coloured discs so that the end product will be more effective.

Obviously you will be able to adapt this in size to suit your basic requirements. Now, with a narrow coloured string, or even ribbon or cord, cut about thirty six inches. What you will do next, is to thread one end of the cord, say through the middle of one of your CDs, so that you have an even amount of the cord on both sides and knot it firmly at the outer edge of the CD.

Continue then by picking up your other CD and threading the strings through the centre, one each side of the other CD, so that this lies on top of the other CD. Knot tightly at the outer edge. So, at this stage, you have your two CD´s joined. Knot again!

Now we can add some bells. As you, in this case, have used colourful CD´s, I think that it would be quite nice to spray or paint your bells on the outside with coloured metallic paints. With both strings together, attach a bell just above your CD, then move about two inches up and add another.

In this manner you could end up with three or four, but do leave enough cord to be able to hang your catcher at the top. I leave the choice of how you hang your bells to you. You can knot them with space above and below, or you could fix them on to the two separate strings at alternate type of spacings.

It is still possible to hang smaller bells, or whatever you like, from the base of the bottom CD. So, if you were to hang two or three strings, they would all jangle, and you could not only use bells, it would look good with some coloured beads or use some of both. You can buy plastic crystal beads in handicraft stores now which would catch the light well.

This you could use with silver CD’s just the same, or use crystals instead of bells. However, plain CD´s could also be jazzed up with some psychedelic paints. What fun you could have! So try experimenting!

Why not hang it outside!

Source by Anna Meenaghan