HTTPS Certificates and SSL Encryption Are Virtually Important To Online Transactions

With the increasing popularity of handheld devices, consumers are now turning to the Internet for online shopping. This has opened up huge opportunities for businesses that want to increase their profits by reaching a larger market. However, convincing the consumer to buy from an eCommerce site or provide their personal information will take a business owner more than just luck and opening a business website. The business owner needs to assure consumers that the business is legitimate as well as secure.

HTTPS certificates and SSL encryption is the best way to ensure that customers are confident enough about your business to buy from it let alone recommend it to others. Installing these certificates in an eCommerce website isn’t compulsory, but it will provide the following benefits for online transactions.

Credibility is one of the most important assets an online business should get to succeed. An online business that requests for information or money from a customer must first of all convince the customer that it is secure. Many customers have fallen victim to online hackers who steal their information. This has made consumers weary of the online businesses they transact with.

As a result, customers have sought ways to protect themselves from online scams. One of the ways is to look for sites which have SSL encryption.

If a business goes into the trouble of ensuring that they are secure, customers won’t hesitate buying from it. Installing an HTTPS certificate will be a step towards this.

Furthermore, with regards to credibility, SSL encryption is provided by trusted third party sites. In some cases, such as obtaining the Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificate, thorough screening is done to ensure that the website owner as well as the website are what they claim to be. Consumers will find websites with SSL encryption more credible than those that don’t because they are endorsed by a trusted third party.

Besides convincing consumers that the online business is credible, a HTTPS certificate will also help to secure the business itself. It will help prevent hackers from trying to pose as the business owners. This can result to loss of customers and revenue.

Finally, SSL certificates are important for online transactions because they make transactions private. That is, only the business owner and customer know about details of the transaction.

SSL encryption provides a mutual relationship between a website and its customer. For the website, it is able to get more customers, since they are confident that the business is legitimate. Also, it helps the website secure itself from online hackers. For the customer on the other hand, they are able to shop confidently knowing their money or vital information is less likely to fall into the wrong hands.

Source by Oliver Macpherson