Long Range Communication Using HF Radio

Long range radio communication is one of the most reliable and cost effective solutions for secure communication over long range. A lot of private and government agencies are using this type of communication to save their resources and to communicate confidentially. High frequency signals are used in this long range communication. This communication is clearly saves resources when compared to mobile or telephone communication. These wireless radio communication devices come in handy for military in emergency situations.

Codan and Barrett are the two major companies that provide long range communication devices. Both these companies offer different HF Radio products like Manpacks, transceivers, modems, crosspatch, telephone internet connect and antennas required for long range communication. So here is a short description of these devices.


Manpacks are high grade radios that have frequency hopping and voice encryption. These devices are very light, comfortable and easy to use. The data remains secure because of the encryption technology that is used. These devices can work with great efficiency even in very bad climatic conditions too.


These devices also provide High frequency voice communication for military and also for organizations. HF radio devices are much reliable than manpacks. High power antennas and amplifiers used in these devices make them very powerful. Voice encryption is also used in these devices to make the communication safer.


Crossspatch devices come in handy at times you are away from the range. You can carry 'High frequency on your belt' when you are away from the base with a VHF / UHF handset.


These modems help in transferring data much faster than usual. These devices combined with some software's can help in sending data to most isolated places on earth.


Sometimes it is necessary to have good antennas to receive signals from distant places especially while moving. These high frequency antennas can catch signals even when there is movement while receiving signals.

Telephone Interconnect:

HF network of the organization and the telephone network can be inter connected using this telephone interconnect. A famous radio calling system is also integrated in this device to make calling simple.

Here are some of the advantages of using these Long range radio devices.

Cost Effective:

Cellular communication is always a costly affair, especially when it is international communication. But any communication made using these long range radio devices are just free.

Communication range:

Long range communication devices uses High frequency signals which can help in communicating over 3000 km or more.


The radio communication requires fewer infrastructures than satellite communication system. Radio communication system is the only way to communicate when disaster strikes.


This type of communication is highly secured than any other communication. The Army uses this communication system because it is highly secure. Different levels of encryption can be applied to data before transmission. The information can be retrieved only if the data received is decrypted with a correct decryption technique.

Maintenance Cost:

Maintenance cost is always dependent on the infrastructure, since these radio devices have low infrastructure, the maintenance cost is also low when compared to satellite communication system.

Source by Simone Icough