Software To Protect Your Identity

Have you ever thought of using software to protect your identity and to prevent identity theft? Well a new product specifically for this service has been released. This product has been released to help individuals both at work in medium-sized businesses and at home to prevent identity theft.

The software will search computers for sensitive data and help users either protect it by   encryption  or to the intent securely. Basically it will tell the users whether their computer is liable to make them at risk of identity theft. The CEO of the company concerned is mindful of the fact that anti-virus programs and other such programs will protect computers from outside sources.

However, users do not fully realize that their own computer can contain things which can put them at risk. This software will do this job for them and help keep them safe online. Users do not realize how much information of a personal nature is saved on their own computers. This might include credit card details, bank account details, social security numbers, pin numbers, and passwords. If their computer is hacked, then this information is easily available to the hacker.

Such software will detect this sensitive data and enable the user to either hold it securely or delete it. The situation is made worse by the fact that home users are using their computers even more and with the rise of social networking, such information and access to data is increasing. Also more and more people are setting up home businesses and from home and therefore their own computer is at risk from public sharing.

This particular product will look through the files on the user’s computer emails and hidden data. This software will assist users in erasing or protecting this data and eventually give the user peace of mind that their data cannot be easily accessed from outside sources.

Source by Dr. Mark Clayson