What Do Wireless Home Security Systems Include?

A wireless Home Security System can consist of some or all of the following options:

  • Sensors: these are installed on a door or a window, and recognize when the protected entry point is opened. This occurs regardless of whether the alarm system is set to active: a message will be relayed to the control system (so you will know of it). However, when the security system is on, opening an entry point will result in the siren being activated.
  • Overhead Garage Door Sensor: As the name implies, this wireless sensor indicates that the garage door has been opened.
  • Motion detectors: these are usually installed next to entry points, such as doors, as most often – unsurprisingly – these are used by burglars. Motion detectors are sensitive and detect even tiny movements, so anyone who attempts to enter, no matter how silent they may be, will automatically be detected. Naturally, if you are in the house, have pets that wonder around, or another situations that may trigger the motion detector, you may choose to leave it off for a while.
  • Control Panel: the control panel is the command station. It enables you to see the current status of your house as well as change existing settings. Some controls panels, such as those offered by Protect America, have the ability to 'talk' and are called 'Talking control panels'.
  • Communication channel: some systems use an ordinary phone line to call in case of emergency, others have the capability of using the internet in addition. This is a very powerful combination that ensures that a message is transmitted in case of an emergency.
  • Security Alarm (internal siren): as you the name hints, the siren is activated when a security alert is triggered. Some systems allow you to install multiple sirens. Note that these can be very loud – though that is the point.
  • Emergency contact numbers: if the system triggers a security call, these are first used by the monitoring facility (the security company) to make sure everything is in order. Emergency contact numbers include normally you but can also include your neighbors. If things are not in order or there is no response, the police is called to your home to deal with a potential situation.
  • Battery backup: By using a battery backup, even in the event your power fails your security system will still continue operating. Clearly this is essential.

Source by Here Harkenshire