Why Cooking With Big George Grill Is Easy

What is so special about the Big George Grill? Grills have evolved over the years. They come is different sizes and a variety of features. The earlier models were difficult to clean. Some were even too small. You could only cook two large hamburgers with them. So grill manufacturers came up with different types of grills to address different customer needs. One such grill was the big George grill. This grill was designed to make cooking for the whole family easier, faster and a whole lot healthier.

There are many reasons why cooking with the Big George Grill is easy. Here is a list of some of the reasons why I find cooking with this grill is so easy.

Reason 1 – Saves Time

With a large diameter of cooking surface and fast heating, this model allows you to cook for your whole family. As an electric countertop grill, you can do all your cooking preparations in one place and this feature is what makes this grill very appealing. The double-sided grill surface heats in less than five minutes to an even temperature which is perfect for grilling most foods It only takes two minutes to grill fish; three minutes to grill vegetables; four minutes to grill chicken; and five minutes to grill burgers, steaks or sausages..

Reason 2 – Safe

Imagine having a great BBQ minus the fire, smoke and waiting. Cooking with the Big George grill is clean, fast and environmentally friendly. You don’t have to worry about accidentally burning your hands because the unit’s generous handles stays cool to the touch at all times.

Reason 3 – Easy Cleaning

Its 5 removable non-stick plates make cleaning easy and convenient. The plates are also dishwasher safe. Cleaning is easy. All you have to do is just lay a soaking wet paper towel to cover the bottom surface and close the lid while the grill is still hot. Make sure the catching tray is under the grill to catch any moisture run-off. Wait for a few minutes, remove the paper, wipe the grill with another towel, and you’re all done. You will not need to use a scraper at all.

Reason 4 – Healthy Cooking

The exclusive George tough triple-coated, scratch-resistant, non-stick coating protects each grill plate, and requires very little or no fat for cooking. The high grill grooves and slight angle allow fat to run off the grill as your food cooks. The unit’s fat-reduced grilling provides a healthy way to cook meat and fish.

Reason 5 – Different Cooking Options

The newest designs have hinged lids that allow you to cook thicker cuts of meat. They also come with additional cooking plates for cooking unique items such as muffins and pizzas. You can also use the different cooking options to prepare your food. The 5 removable plates allow you the option to do baking, grilling or griddle cooking.

Versatility, convenience and simplicity are features that make cooking with the Big George Grill so easy and also the reason why it is found in millions of kitchens today.

Source by Madeline M Ray