Bamburgh: A Place to Go!

I had no idea that it could be so mesmerizing, before visiting Bambugh. A friend of mine insisted a lot to visit Bamburgh, for that, I am thankful. You can't help admiring the stunning beauty of that part of the earth.

Bamburgh is a lovely small Village set on the Northern stretch of the Northumberland Coast. It is a superb combination of history and natural beauty. Almost every part of the village has a history and a story to tell. In the early Medieval times Bamburgh was at the center of Royal Northumbria, stretching from the Humber to the Forth. Bamburgh's actual population is about 450 which swells in summer as flocks of tourists make their way to the village. I found the locals very welcoming and friendly.

Dominated by the magnificent and graceful Castle but there is plenty more to do in this small place, Ie it's lovely sandy beach, Museum, Lighthouse restaurants, classic tea rooms and shopping malls and lot more. Its hard to believe that this small place has lot to offer, once you are there, you feel that it was underestimated, time wise.

You can see Bamburgh Castle from miles around but I was stunned when I actually stood there as it was so mesmerizing. The huge scale of the castle is simply splendid. The Castle has an eye-catching view and very graceful to look at. It stands magnificently 45 meters above sea level and spreads dramatically around 9 acres. Visiting the Castle is a great way to spend a day out and to explore the history as the great walls give you an immense sense of history. I am sure, you will be satisfied and remember those moments spent there for a long time.

Being under the shadow great Castle, it is bit overlooked, but golden sandy Bamburgh Beach simply fills you with lots of joy. It is rated highest UK standard for bathing water quality and was awarded the Blue Flag Rural Beach Award in 2005. It has a dramatic feel to it and in my opinion, being under the shadow of Castle adds charm to it.

It's not possible to cover all the details in this piece of writing, but it is the place worthy of paying a visit. Seeing is believing.

I managed to find pictures and paintings online to keep my joy alive.

I still have my room decorated with pictures of Bamburgh that I bought online.

Source by A. Jaral