Baseball Pitching Tips For Finding Your Best Stuff

The top baseball pitching coaches know the best pitchers have their own rituals and techniques they follow to be consistently top performers. Our Baseball Pitching Tips are designed to provide you with this same type of consistency. We believe this tips will help raise your pitching to a whole new level:

1. Practice your different pitching motions . Your windup and stretch motors should become as natural as possible. A pitcher has to account for so many things in a game as is. Make your burden easier by never having to worry about your mechanics. By continuously repeating your pitching motion, you will develop the appropriate muscle memory for these different pitching motors.

2. Do not be afraid to experiment with your pitching motion . Some pitchers have had fabulous success by altering their motion at certain times. Anything you can do to disrupt the timing of the batter will end up working in your favor. Something as simple as adjusting from an overhand throw to a three quarters throw or moving over to the extreme ends of the pitching rubber can give you the extra advantage you are looking for.

3. A good mind set for pitchers is calm and cocky . This means that you believe in your pitching (cocky) and relaxed (calm) even in the face of errors made by teams or yourself. By continuing to practice your motion and pitching, your confidence in your pitching will increase along with your desire to succeed. You will not want all that practice to go to waste so when the game comes, you will be a little cocky. This is a good state to be in because it usually will bring out the best things in your pitching.

4. Have your plan set-up before you step on the hill . If you have prepared yourself properly, you will have already worked out in your head how you will attack certain batters. Any discussions that you need to make with the catcher and / or coach should be addressed before you take the mound so you will know what to expect before entering the game. By doing the mental work before you pitch, you will make it much easier for you to just concentrate and focus on your pitching.

5. Visualize the game in the days leading up to your start . Take a cue from some of the top athletes in the world by using neurolinguistic programming or NLP. This technique essentially asks you to visualize your pitching in the game and seeing you succeed. These visualizations should be made as vivid as possible by thinking about and seeing all the colors and sounds of a real game in your mind. You should try to mirror them as close to the real game as possible. By doing this exercise leading up to the game, it will do wonders for preparing you for your start and giving you the right confident mindset for the game.

Source by Jack D. Elliott