Best Travel Wireless Routers

Another innovation in the wireless internet industry is the travel wireless routers. With these devices, mobile professionals or people on-the-go can access the internet anytime.

We have listed here some of the best and portable travel wireless routers available in the market.

NetGear 54 Mbps Cable/DSL Wireless Travel Router

The NetGear 54Mbps wireless travel router comes in a sleek and portable design ideal for travelers who want to be connected all the time. It is very small, like the size of a card only. This router can be used with any device whether it is on 802.11b or 802.11g technology. It has a built-in WEP   encryption  which can be upgraded to WPA-PSK. You can even share your internet access to anyone who has a Wi-Fi enabled device.

Linksys WTR54GS Wireless-G Travel Router

The Linksys WRT54GS wireless travel router comes with a built-in access point and an Ethernet port used to connect to a wired network or to other computers. For a secured connection, this device has an  encryption  capability. This has its own power supply and an antenna. Included in the package is a case for easy safekeeping. It is easy to configure with its user friendly web utility.

D-Link Wireless Travel Router

The D-Link Wireless Travel Router is one of the best wireless travel routers which can also be used as an access point. The size is relatively small which can fit right in the pocket of your laptop bag. It can be used to share internet access with other Ethernet users. It is also capable of connecting to any Wi-Fi spots without additional hardware or software. This travel wireless router is plug & play for easy configuration.

Apple Airport Express Base Station

This wireless travel router made by Apple is ideal for Mac users but is also compatible with Windows OS. It is very powerful that it can share internet access to 10 Wi-Fi capable devices at the same time. The router can also be used as a wireless to extend the range of your wireless network.

For Mac OSX users, the Bonjour technology can be used to detect other devices within the network which makes it easy to share any files to other computers.

Belkin Wireless G Travel Router

This wireless travel router manufactured by Belkin is so small that it can fit in your pocket. Sharing your Internet connection to other users is also possible with this router. For your security, this device supports WPA and WEP  encryption . It can also function as an access point and an adapter.

Asus Wireless Pocket 4-Port Router Model WL530G

Asus, one of the leading manufacturers of PC components, have also released its own wireless travel router, the Asus Wireless Pocket 4 Port Router. This model enables internet sharing either wirelessly or wired. A NAT firewall secures the user from any internet threats. The WEP and WPA  encryption  further secure connection. It has an automatic switching capability from access point to router mode so it does away with any reconfiguring.

Source by David Urmann