Encrypted USB Sticks For Data Storage

The USB stick is a great tool for storing data, however, all along they have bought with them some inherent security risks. Of course there is the issue of viruses but there are other security issues also that have to be taken into account when using a USB stick.

New Security Measures Have Been Developed For USB Sticks

The good news is that security solutions have been developed in the form of anti-virus features, password protection and encryption that now allows users of USB sticks to feel far more secure, with regards to the data that is contained in them.

Security Is Peace Of Mind

So now if you are using a flash drive you can do scans on outside or foreign systems even if it does not contain its own independent anti-virus protection in it. So you can be assured that you will not become infected with any viruses as you perform these tasks.

A Backup Form Of Anti Virus Protection

However; as an alternate form of back-up anti-virus protection, it is advisable that the flash drive be scanned immediately even plugging it back into your computer just to be safe. This step will insure that any virus that by chance was not detected by a portable scanner will not have a chance to infect your entire system.

Security For Your Passwords

As far as passwords are concerned, with a USB stick it is to your benefit to have and use some type of password manager software on your flash drive. Also of course you will also want your password manager to be encrypted for security reasons.

Haste Makes Waste

Where far too many people go wrong is to simply remove their USB stick without properly going through procedure that is required to safely remove the device. The end result of saving the few seconds of time that they do, can be that the data contained in the USB stick can end up being corrupted.

What Is The Most Secure USB Stick?

If you are security minded and are interested in knowing what the most secure USB stick is, that would be that feature (AES) or what is known in the industry as "advanced encryption standard". In short, it's the very latest in corporate grade standards that it is sufficient to protect your data.

More Security For a Higher Cost

While these USB sticks do cost a bit more, they are growing in popularity as more people are switching to using them as a way of securing their business and personal data. However; there are a few things that you will want to take into account, you should switch to using these far more secure USB sticks.

A Few Things To Consider

For instance, you will definitely need to update your companies data security policies to account for their use in the organization. Another good idea is to install some type of data base to store and manage all of the passwords that are in use for the secure USB sticks, lest you run into a situation where one or more of the password are lost or forgotten.

Source by Chriss Tyrrell