Good Backup And Storage Encryption – It’s A Breeze

Our lives are becoming more and more intertwined with the data we keep on our hard-drives. No matter if you are a private citizen preparing your year IRS papers , or a business owner with a huge CRM and product research database, the loss of this data can mean disaster and even bankruptcy. Good and consequent data backup therefore is vital. And don’t be fooled backup encryption is part of every good data recovery program.

Since 9/11 we are painfully aware of the dangers on on-site backup of our most valuable files, and we therefore turned to off-site backup plans. And this presented a new problem the data security. Peeking eyes, and data theft made backup encryption a necessity. And since stolen credit card numbers are sold in batches, that is no luxury and we should be concerned. Thus adding to the spy-ware threats we need to be vigilant on this issue.

Encryption is an age old method of keeping our messages safe from enemy ears. During World War 2 a lot of sailors escaped death from u-boat attacks merely because we got hold of the enigma machine. The German way of encrypting messages to and from their u-boat fleet at sea.

Backup encryption is the process of transferring the information in a data file to letters and symbols that are difficult to figure out. This means that the file can’t be ‘decoded’ by someone who is not authorized to view it. An encryption key is used for this service, which is a system of letters and numbers that scramble the content of a message, email, or document. Without the correct key, it will be impossible to read the document.

Almost all companies offering online backup services also offer encryption. You can be sure that every file you transmit to a such a data recovery source is being encrypted. You’ll also get the correct passwords and codes to bring the file back to its normal form should you ever have to recover it. A 30 day trial is mostly offered to new customers, and the company can help you with data storage and computer maintenance as well.

If you’d rather secure the files yourself, there are plenty of backup encryption product options out there that will help you to keep your computer files safe. Most external disk drives come with encryption programs and also USB sticks actually can’t do without it. Windows Vista Ultimate features the Bitlocker Drive Encryption Software, is a good option. In the public domain you can find TrueCrypt which is now at version 5.1a is a good piece of software. It creates a virtual encrypted disk and provides a good storage encryption for flash drives as well. You can find it at , but be careful with “free encryption software” it might prove not so “free”after all. At our site you can find more in depth reviews of data and file protection software.

Also think about good shredder tools. Deleting a file doesn’t mean it is gone, usually the file still exists on your drive, but the allocation table or file pointers have been changed so its not visible anymore. The dark side of data recovery software is that it’s a perfect way to have a look at what is left on the old disk drive you throw away.

It’s better to be safe then sorry, and with today’s tools the whole process of backup encryption and more can be automated. Your data is secure and you can rest assured.

Source by Ross MacIvar