How to Catch a Cheater Red Handed! Here is How You Can Bust a Cheater Instantly – A Must Know!

Knowledge is power, and it is the key to catching your cheating partner red handed! Here is how you can know everything you need to know to catch that lying cheater:

Track Your Partner – You can use a GPS device. Place this small device in an inconspicuous place, and track where your partner is going. It will be interesting to see, as you track on line all the new places your partner travels to behind your back!

If you cannot use a GPS device, you can always just track the mileage. If your partner tells you they are just going to the store-but when you check the mileage its 10x more than the distance to the store and back; then you have pretty good evidence.

Find Out Email Passwords -Put a spy ware program into your partners computer, or place a USB key recorder hidden in the back.

It will record all the things typed, thus giving you passwords and even chats and emails sent. You may even be surprised to find many new emails and accounts you never knew about!

Sim Card Reader- -You can find USB card readers that will tell you all the data on your partners cell phone SIM card.

It will show you deleted data, as well as existing texts and information stored; like contacts.

Find Out Who Those Numbers Belong To -check in a phone book, or directory to see the name of the person who belongs to those suspicious phone numbers.

You may also call the numbers back, and pretend to be doing a job reference check-if the person gives you a response about your partner; then this confirms your partner is acquainted with people other than you, behind your back.

Source by Avril Harper-Rae