How To Catch More Fish

That's what many anglers want to do, right? Catch more fish? Of course. And one of the best ways to catch more fish is by learning more. The more tips and techniques you can learn the better. You never know when one of them might come in handy. Here's are a few of the best that I've learned in my past 20 years of angling:

Use Gang Hooks – One of the best things that can be done to help you catch more fish is to begin using gang hooks rather than 1 single hook for any of your bait fishing, especially with live worms. Gang hooks are the best way to present a live worm. They work very well for Powerbait as well. Powerbait floats, and when rigged with a set of gang hooks that means that you'll have 2 pieces of Powerbait floating off the bottom the next time that you're still fishing, thus doubling your chances of hooking up!

Clean Your Hands – Most fish have a very sensitive sense of smell. So if your hands are smelly (have bug spray on them for example) the fish can smell this. And if the fish smell something that doesn't seem right, that means no bites for you. A fish isn't going to bite an offering that smells like an ashtray (which is the way your hands smell, if you smoke). Simply rubbing your hands in a handful of grass or dirt will help eliminate any foreign smells that might be on your hands.

Use The Weather – Use the weather to your advantage . There are some simple aspects of the weather and how it relates to fishing. Learn what they are, and it's an easy way to increase your success. Frontal Systems are a big one. Simply do some research on the weather and fish behavior and it will pay big dividends.

Use the Moon – The phases of the moon have quite an impact on fishing. Certain phases of the moon mean that the fish will be much more active. Find out not only what these phases are, but when they occur each month. This way you can concentrate your fishing efforts when the fish are most active. Doesn't this make sense?

Maximize Your Time – We all have a finite amount of time to spend fishing. This means that the time we do spend fishing needs to be maximized. Having your fishing gear organized before you actually go fishing is a big one. That way your not spending fishing time searching for things. Employing a gadget such as a bait bag will help you maximize your time. With a bait bag, you've got your bait ready to go, rather than fumbling around with containers and such.

Begin using any or all of these tips and you will catch more fish; it's as simple as that. Many times adding one little tip to your repertoire can make all the difference. Remember, 10% of the fishermen catch 90% of the fish. Each little tip and technique that you learn will put you closer to being in that top 10% group, which is where all angler want to be.

Source by Trevor Kugler