How to Keep Flies Out of Your Home

During the summer, flying insects indoors can be a nightmare. Keeping them out can seem impossible however, without closing all your windows and doors and suffering interminable heat. These are some tips for keeping flies out of your home or business, without the need for expensive fly traps or noisy fly killers.

The water method

Fill a clear plastic bag of water and hang it over the doorway or window. The idea is that as light refracts through the bag, it creates a large reflection of the fly. The fly, seeing a huge creature in its way, will not go through the opening.

Putting a penny in the bag of water is also meant to be effective. The theory goes that the fly sees the bag and penny as much like a spider and its web, and so is scared away. Putting tinfoil in the bag is also said to work.

Bubble wrap is said to be an alternative to this method, as it has the same effect on the fly's vision. You see variations on this method in houses and businesses all over the world so it must work!

The basil method

Put a pot of sweet basil near your door, it's a natural fly repellent and can also be used in cooking so it's useful too! Lavender is also meant to repel flies, and it smells great.

Catching flies

If you find that flies congregate on your windowsills, put a glass of water containing a few drops of dishwashing soap on them. The flies will be attracted to the water and then get stuck. It does not stop the flies coming in, but it's a good way to make sure you do not have dead ones lying all around the window frames.

Sticky tape is also great for catching flying insects despite it can be unsightly. Hanging it right next to windows and doors will make sure that the flies do not get very far.

Install an air door

Air doors are installed above doorways and work by pushing a curtain of air out of the room. Flies will not be able to enter, and what's more, it's great air conditioning on a hot day. They can be quite costy however and are more appropriate for business concessions.

Fly screens

Beaded flyscreens are highly effective at keeping flies outside, and they're decorative too. You can also get screens for your windows so every entrance is protected. Chain screens perform the same function and are widely used by butchers and other business establishments.


Remember, you might actually be inviting flies into your home without realizing! Make sure that you clean up all pet mess from your outside areas, empty your bins regularly and do not leave food lying around on counters or surfaces. Do not have standing water near your entryways, such as a water butt. All of these things are great attractors of flies and other pests. Also make sure to turn off unnecessary lights as light joins flying insects. If you keep a clean home with nothing for pests to feed on, you should find that you have less of a problem!

Source by Fiona Mcvitie