How to Write a Mass Email to Potential Customers

In order to write the most effective email to your potential customers several factors need to be considered. The open rate is your first priority. Secondly the content of the email is important and lastly getting a reliable autoresponder to manage your list and send out your message.

Opening your email:
You will need to think about how to encourage your subscribers to open your email.
• Subject line: Your subject line is the key to getting your readers to open your email. It must be enticing but at the same time should convey what will be in the email. It is like a little teaser.
• Subject matter: it is important to write to your subscribers about something that they want to hear about or an offer that they can use. In this way you will get a better response.

There are a number of different emails you will send to your list.
• An offer: when you are giving an offer, you will give useful but incomplete information. You can give them a resource and then they need to click on a link to get more information. You will be giving them a reason to click through on your link:
• You can also supply a newsletter: this should be a quality publication with an informative article and some tips that your subscribers can use. You can put a couple of offers in the newsletter but not too many.
• An autoresponder sequence: this can be a mini course which will be delivered for 5 days. This will have an email sig at the bottom advertising an offer. The reader will have

When you want to send an email to your list of potential customers you will need a reliable autoresponder. Features to look for are:
• Notifying you when subscribers subscribe and unsubscribe and automatically add or take them off the list.
• Tracking open rates: you will need an autoresponder that will track how many people open the email. You can then judge how responsive your list is and whether your subject line is working.
• Tracking links: when subscribers click on links in your email a good autoresponder will let you know how many people clicked on the link and which links they used.
• Unlimited autoresponders: this will allow you to set up sequential autoresponder emails.
• Unlimited lists: different lists will let you target different segments of your market.
All these points will allow you to write a mass email to potential customers that will be effective and profitable.

Source by Catherine Qazalbash