Online Back-Up Security and Encryption

It is abundantly clear that success in today’s business world means taking data and information seriously. Information is, after all, the lifeblood of any modern business. This is what makes remote back-up data storage such a vital component in business today and what makes the security remote back-up data storage of paramount concern. Without a proper security apparatus, back-up data is as good as lost.

Luckily there have been a number of advances in the field of security as pertains to online data back-up. In the case of, there are three levels of security protecting online data storage, each of which provides more by way of safety than any other system on the market today.

It is true that sensitive data needs intuitive, aware, comprehensive protection because the risks involved are significant. Data loss can take place a number of ways, but with’s inclusive, thorough security processing the risks are eliminated and the integrity of the data is of chief concern.

Tier One – 256-bit AES Encryption on User’s Computer

The first tier of security involved is that of 256-bit AES encryption on the user’s computer. AES stands for “Advanced Encryption Standard” and is the standard of encryption used by the United States government. There are three “key sizes” to AES, including 128, 192 and 256 bits.

AES is the first accessible and open encryption algorithm approved by the NSA. The AES encryption is very hard to crack with “brute force,” making it an ideal first line of defence for data protection.

Tier Two – 128-bit SSL Encryption During Transfer

The transfer of key data can be disconcerting without the right security, which is why 128-bit SSL encryption during transfer matches up perfectly. This cryptographic protocol, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), provides the ultimate in reliability. SSL protocols are common in a variety of applications, including web browsing and VoIP telephony.

Originally developed by Netscape, SSL has gone through a number of paces and still remains the world’s foremost encryption options during transfer. It has been implemented in a number of applications throughout its history and is a steady, sturdy component to the security apparatus of’s services.

Tier Three – 1024-bit AES Encryption on Files Stored on Cloud-configured Servers

With the popularity of cloud storage or “location independent computing,” encryption on cloud-configured servers takes on special meaning. In the case of, 1024-bit AES encryption is the order of the day. The use of AES encryption, approved by the NSA and used by the United States government, puts an extra layer of security on top of the other two tiers.

Many companies will be relying on the cloud to do a lot of their online storage in the near future, so the right security is vital. With AES 1024-bit encryption on the files stored in cloud-configured servers, businesses can rest easy knowing that their data is safe and sound.

As you can see takes security very seriously. By utilizing three separate tiers of security, provides a triple dose of assurance and integrity for all business data needs.

Source by Preyank Jain