Pay Per Click Guide

If you are someone that is just starting out in pay per click advertising or someone that can't get a grip on how to successfully create a campaign, then it might be time to find a Pay Per Click guide to help you. If you landing pages are aged, or people are just not opting into your site, you might need to find a guide to help revamp and re-create.

Your landing page could be just one of the problems that is causing your campaigns to have high click through rates with no conversions. In recent years, landing pages were long with millions of words, very few pictures and zero videos. Today, landing pages are condensed into very little text, have eye-catching pictures and videos. This creates an easy to read, easy to follow landing page for your customer to better understand your product.

If it is not your landing page that is causing you trouble, rather it is getting very few click through rates, you might be too specific in your campaign. Try new keywords that are still relevant to your market and also with low competition and high search results. Make sure your keywords are in your campaign text and you are creating eye-catching ads. Try switching up your words, add new ones, and getting rid of the dull and boring text.

Now, if it is not your landing page or your click through rates, it might be your opt-in message. In this pay per click guide, it will teach you how to point your customers in the right direction by using simple and easy to follow techniques. For example, making sure your opt-in is in plain site with no scrolling of the page involved. Having arrows point to your opt-in or different color text will draw your customers to signing up for you to follow up as you please.

With all of the problems that you could potentially be having with your pay per click advertising, you could be losing valuable customers that will never return. Double Digit CTR by James Schramko has put together a complete system when it comes to best pay per click guide. His system will show you how create successful landing pages, how to increase your click through rates, and how to pick your keywords. Not only will Double Digit CTR teach you the basics, it will go in-depth on how you can fluctuate Google AdWords default settings to enhance your conversions. As everyone should know, in order to become as master, you must learn from a master, and Double Digit CTR is just what you need to become one yourself.

Source by Jared Weidner