Portable Anti-Spyware By Paretologic XoftSpy – Review

It is really awful to see a storm of desktop anti-spyware applications elude while U3-capable software names are very few in number. I assume this situation is partially accounted for rogue anti-spyware designed with the sole purpose to imitate legitimate Windows Security Center. Yet with all U3 USB devices it is difficult to execute malicious code on a regular basis because hackers want spyware loaded into Windows memory every time PC is started, which cannot be ensured in case with a flash drive-based application. And for PC users it is far easier to control contents of their U3 disks because there are less applications set to auto run on insertion, and generally a lot less files located on such small storage devices.

Therefore I consider it amazing to have a professional portable anti-spyware coded and compiled solely for happy owners of U3 capable drives (branded by PNY, Memorex, SanDisk and other popular makers of portable storage devices). XoftSpy SE Anti-spyware by Paretologic was among the first Windows-compatible security applications designed for U3 drives, and remains a very useful utility till now, equally admired by home users and PC technicians. Below I'm listing just several reasons for such attitude to this little application.

What's the beauty of having an anti-spyware loaded onto U3 flash drive?

  • 1. If you ever had to use a bootable CD-ROM to perform some PC maintenance tasks (like eliminating infected files, cleaning the registry, removing "stubborn" files that would not leave the Recycle Bin) then you must know how much time it takes to prepare all the necessary files for burning, then the process of recording a CD, then restarting PC, then loading off the burnt CD … and each time you need to run a scan from a CD-ROM, you have to follow the steps again and again to update antivirus and anti-spyware signatures. With a U3 edition of XoftSpy SE, it takes about a couple of minutes to insert the portable drive into USB port, run XoftSpy program, perform web update (if there's one available) and you're ready to begin scanning. Absolutely hassle-free maintenance!
  • 2. A small U3 drive is certainly more convenient to carry, plus it can store all kinds of files, and updating is same as with any hard drive – instant.
  • 3. Durability. While it is easy to scratch the surface of a CD, USB flash drives are more reliable and protected against physical damage.
  • 4. Portable XOFTspy SE runs under normal Windows GUI, so you don't have to work in DOS-like environment preserved of mouse support. Great for novice PC users!
  • 5. It is a very lightweight application that takes less than 10 megabytes of space on a USB drive (so even with a 512-megabytes U3 you can safely add XoftSpy to it). Desktop software can require up to ten times more space!
  • 6. XoftSpy can be run on a computer badly damaged by Trojans, adware, keyloggers and all kinds of pesky beasts. The software detects and eliminates all of them. The database contains over 260,000 signatures and updates are issued on a weekly basis.
  • 7. There's a Restore feature that keeps backup of infected files and can be used to revert the cured infections to their original state. Hence, the registry change can be undone any time. Restore Profiles are created for every PC scanned by XoftSpy.

However, there are some points to remember because it is not always suitable for using. Portable XOFTspy cannot be run in Safe Mode, therefore you should be able to log in into Windows to be able to run it. If OS cannot be started at all because of spyware modules cluttering the computer memory, there's no other way round except loading security software from a bootable CD. Also, consider the price; to construct a bootable CD, you have a variety of free PC security software names like AVG, Avast !, Super Antispyware, Spyware Blaster, Lavasoft Ad-aware, McAfee Stinger, etc. But if you value the convenience and ease of use, I recommend that you took a close look at the hubpage where I share my experience with portable XoftSpy anti-spyware.

Source by Alberta Glamerheim