QR Code FAQs

What Are QR Codes?

QR codes are little black-and-white two dimensional barcodes. These barcodes can be scanned by a mobile smartphone (like an iPhone, Android, or Blackberry) in order to fulfill a multitude of purposes

What Does QR Stand For?

QR stands for “Quick Response.” As the name implies, these codes provide a very speedy way to complete a multitude of functions.

What Can Quick Reponse Codes Do?

These codes can do a multitude of things. The most common thing they can do is bring a user to a website landing page. For example, when a user polls a QR code, they may be brought to your web page on his or her mobile browser. Who makes the code can decide on the website URL that the user will be brought to. These codes can also do a remarkable amount of other things as well, making them very versatile.

How Do These codes work?

These codes store data in the same way that all barcodes do. QR codes can come in a variety of “models” meaning that they can hold a small amount of information, or a very large amount of information, depending on the model.

QR technology can:

· Open a video

· Collect contact information

· Process a donation

· Make a phone call

· View a map

· Enter a contest

· Interact with social networking sites

· Coordinate a scavenger hunt

And much more!

How Much Do These Codes Cost?

The basic technology is absolutely free! Once you're using a QR generator, you can quickly and easily create as many free codes as you'd like.

The more specialized codes do have a cost associated with them, depending on which code you would like to make.

How Easy is it to Scan a Quick Response Code?

It literally takes only a few seconds to do! A smartphone user simply needs to download a free easy-to-install reader onto his or her phone and then snap a photo of the QR code. It's that easy!

Where Can I Download a Code Reader?

In order to download a QR reader, follow these simply instructions:

  1. Sign into your relevant account and go to your app marketplace (Android Market, iTunes Store or BlackBerry App World)
  2. Perform a search in the search box for “QR code scanner” or “QR code reader”
  3. Choose a QR scanner or reader of your choice
  4. Select “install” or “download” and follow the prompts to complete your installation.

It's that easy!

Will Quick Response Codes Help My Business?

Certainly! Mobile marketing is the fastest growing advertising sector in the world . QR technology is becoming more and more ubiquitous, and users are becoming increasingly accustomed to scanning them!

Source by Chris Jenkin