Recession Or Depression – Are You Angry Or Are You Depressed & Frustrated by Your Lack of Power?

Recession or Depression – Are You ANGRY?

…Or are you depressed &/or frustrated by your perceived lack of power to change the things that affect you and yours in negative ways?

No matter what area, village, town, city, county, state or even country that you have chosen for your home, the recession has hit everywhere in the world to some degree – Some worse than others.

Has the recession caused you grief? Have you suffered financial loss because of it? Have you gotten angry? Depressed? Unfocused? Directionless? Have you started feeling useless and friendless?

BEWARE of the unhealthy repercussions of negative emotions, particularly unfocused anger: According to the journal, Stroke, you are twice as likely to have a stroke, if you are a male, than another guy who is otherwise similar to you but controls and focuses his anger. Females are by no means immune to this, either.

BEWARE of anger’s ability to slow, or even pause, your thought processes, making it difficult to impossible to make good decisions and to keep your goals in sight.

BEWARE of letting other negative emotions build in you until they produce ANGER – Superstition, fear, jealousy, greed, hatred and revenge all go hand-in-hand with anger. Each of them can trigger anger AND be reinforced themselves by irrational anger.

BEWARE of the effects of anger on your relationships: If your partner &/or others see you as quick-tempered, angry, controlling, jealous, aggressive or possessive, then you are headed for a life of isolation and misunderstanding.

BEWARE of allowing the effects of anger to morph into fits, tantrums, conflicts, and aggression or violence (to others and to animals) – No one ever wins by being disliked, and even your pet(s) will turn on you if abused enough.

It’s time for you to find better ways to cope with all the different negative feelings you have right now by locating and assembling the best tools you can find to help you get back on track to productively providing for yourself and your loved ones. You can find most of these tools within yourself.

Anger, like fear, causes you to produce adrenalin – Make use of that internally-produced drug as a power for positive results. Become an emotional athlete on performance-enhancing steroids! You CAN make it work for you by directing that energy away from the thing that you feel is making you angry and focusing on WHY you think it is making you angry. Then, use that energy to solve that problem or else turn that energy around and do the most physical thing you know NEEDS to be done that has nothing to do with what made you angry to begin with.

Whenever you even suspect that you are going into a situation that has the potential to produce anger, or any other negative emotion in you, before you get to that situation, immediately focus on a solution to the possible problem(s) that may cause this anger and the outcome, or goal, you wish to achieve. Turn that potential, or kinetic, energy to your advantage. Like so many modern, ‘techno-pioneers’, you will be a winner more often than not if you can focus and direct that energy in a positive manner.

Remember what the comedian, Steven Wright, was quoted as saying: “Depression is merely anger without enthusiasm.” You are the only one who can choose, and control, your attitude and emotions. Get enthusiastic and change your life.

Source by R R Teddy