Secret Affairs Exposed Online

Some statistics claim that 50% of marriages are affected by affairs or infidelity. These affairs can be sexual but they can also be emotional affairs. An emotional affair will usually begin as a friendship between people of the opposite sex. It may or may not include flirting or a sexual attraction. It becomes trouble when the friendship becomes secretive and the emotional bond becomes so deep it effects their relationships with their spouses and families.

The emotional affair will usually include communication between the parties via email, cell phone ant text messaging. The participants in an emotional affair will use these methods believing they are extra secretive and less like to bring exposure to their relationship.

The problem is that in this day and age nothing is really secret on the Internet. Nor for that matter are there any secrets in cellular or text communications. All of these communications are stored as digital information on the relevant devices and can be retrieved and exposed via a forensic examination of the device in question.

Just about any Internet communication can be tracked, traced or located. Today there are private investigators that specialize in Internet investigations and exposing secret online affairs. They can track down and locate secret Myspace or Facebook pages. They can locate secret blogs, secret email accounts and secret personal ads.

Studies have shown that over 30% of the members of online dating services are married. Also secret Myspace pages may have a profile that describes a married person as “single and looking” or “married but dating”. In fact there are entire dating web sites and online communities dedicated to married people that want to have affairs.

If you suspect your spouse is involved in an emotional affair or sometimes eve sexual relationship you need to take steps to find out the truth. If only for your peace of mind you should try to find the truth. But also think of your families safety and their future. If your spouse is secretly cheating or possibly contemplating divorce you have to be prepared for the potential consequences.

Consider hiring a private investigator that specializes in investigating online affairs and secret Internet communications. But before deciding on who to hire be sure to do your homework and do a Google search on their name web site to see if there are recognized as an expert in email tracing and online infidelity investigations.

Either way you can not just ignore it. If your spouse is having a secret emotional affair it can only get worse the longer you delay.

Source by Ed Opperman