Take Precautions Against Laptop Theft

Much like the black plague in the middle ages, laptop thievery is raging everywhere. The numbers don’t lie, you have a 10% shot of getting your super cool new laptop stolen. Want to hear the really bad news? Almost none of those will ever be seen again.

Simple Ways to Thwart Laptop Thieves

Always Have Your Eyes Open

You wouldn’t walk around a bad neighborhood without knowing your surroundings would you? Don’t just leave your laptop sitting around unattended. Watch it like a hawk eyes it’s prey.

Lock It Up

Using locks that potential thieves can see is a good deterrent. Of course any hard core thief will not be put off by this, if they want it they will get it. But, less hardened criminals will most likely keep looking for a much easier target.

Passwords, Passwords, Passwords! Oh, and Encryption Too.

The use of passwords and more importantly data encryption will dramatically decrease the likelihood that your sensitive data will be used.

Most computers nowadays have an option to set a BIOS password, use it! Protect your laptop by any means necessary. This added layer of protection can help tremendously.

Modern operating systems now allow you to encrypt files and even the entire contents of a folder. Read up about it and make sure anything you don’t want people to see if encrypted.

Protection Via Software

There are several software programs available today that will help you recover a stolen laptop. How they work is once your laptop (or cell phone) is stolen the software sends out a beacon telling you where your laptop is.

Mark Your Territory

Whenever I purchase a laptop the first thing that I do is mark it up. No not with anything the naked eye can see. There are ultra-violet markers out there that once put under a UV light can see whatever you write on it. It’s also a must to keep your laptop serial number handy and kept separately from where your laptop is stored.

This Message Will Self Destruct

Another cool software program that will keep your data safe is a remote data deletion program. These usually operate in tandem with a secure server that once alerted of theft will remotely delete your laptop data.

Backup Your Information

The very first things I install onto a new system are first an anti virus program and second, a data backup program. If you’ve ever had a hard drive crash you know how painful it can be to lose everything on your computer. Backup all pertinent data on a regular basis. This way even if some creep steals your laptop you can have all that important information back. I might be a little paranoid here but what I do is have multiple backups on numerous USB hard drives. You can never be safe enough in my opinion.

Source by John David Marcus