The Basis of Choosing the Right Encryption Software for Your Personal Files

You may have heard the news about the companies which had their databases hacked and customer information lost. This happens because they have kept their sensitive information unprotected, open for the hackers. No one wants to hear that his credit card or personal information has been compromised. You can stop letting this happen to you, or to your clients by using encryption software to protect your data. No doubt, encryption has a vital part to play within data security.

With the improvements in modern computing technology and equipments which range from faster processors to expanded memory to new storage devices, certain applications which were thought to be most complex have now been used as the normal applications. For instance, ever since compression algorithms, system microprocessors and graphics processors have gained ground as much as necessary to deal with the massive volumes of video data involved, non-linear digital video editing has now become convenient.

In the same way, data encryption application was only accessible to high-end systems in the banking, military and scientific sectors only over the past few years, but this restricted use of encryption applications has been overcome by the availability of desktop and notebook computers.

At present, high-tech encryption technique has been capitalized in such a way that it is accessible for home users too so that they can also be benefited from the tamper-proof data security technology. By the virtue of these high-tech encryption techniques, modern computers are now able to encrypt and decrypt your data by using 128-bit encryption algorithm; however for better security you can always choose a more powerful encryption software.

There have been loads of advancements in the functionality of encryption software such as better application designs, enhanced operation procedures, improved maintenance tools, more effective algorithms and standard structural designs which made the incorporation of encryption software with network infrastructures much easier. All these advancements have overcome all those problems which users faced in the past when they tried to encrypt their files

With all these advances and improvements in the encryption algorithms and computer capabilities, data encryption has converted into a fundamental component of today’s business procedures especially when furnishing an efficient mean to protect the confidentiality of information being exchanged among partners, customers, staff members or other parties is essential.

There are mainly three different encryption algorithms being used in the industry up till now which have been believed as sensibly secure methods to protect your data from hackers and malicious programs. These encryption algorithms are 64-bit encryption, 128-bit encryption, and 256-bit encryption. Among the above, 256-bit encryption algorithm is the most trusted encryption algorithm used worldwide.

If you are really keen about securing your personal and confidential files in such a way that no one can trespass the protecting barrier, you must go for a data encryption software that deploy 256-bit AES encryption algorithm; for example Folder Lock.

It is not difficult at all to find out the best encryption software on the internet. All you have to do just open your web browser and type folder lock in the search box of Within few second, the search engine will give you a list of web pages where you can find your preferred encryption software. I would always recommend you to first check out the security performance of the application by using its trial version. If you are satisfied with the level of security, only then pay money and get the full version.

Source by Mark Neil