What Makes A Fish Bite?

Have you ever asked yourself the question, what makes a fish bite? In this article I'm going to my best to explain what I've found through more than twenty years of fishing experience, which will help unlock the mystery of what it is that makes a fish bite. There are obviously many factors that contribute to making a fish want to eat something. Some of these factors would include:

  • Water Clarity – Obviously if a fish can't see your offering, they aren't going to bite it, and the clarity of the water will affect how well the fish can see potential prey.
  • Realism – The more realistic your offering appears, that is the more it looks like the actual food the fish is used to eating, the better. Whether we're using live bait or lures, realism is a huge factor as to whether or not a fish is going to bite. This is why when you're suing live bait, gang hooks should be employed.
  • Water Temperature – For most fish species, the temperature of the water will affect how much the fish feed (and thus bite). The general rule of thumb is that the colder the water, the slower the fishes metabolism, thus they will feed less.
  • Mother Nature – in my opinion, Mother Nature plays the biggest role in whether or not a fish will bite. Mother Nature, and specifically the weather and moon, affect the behavior of fish very much.

These factors are a few, among many that will make a fish bite or not bite. They are all valid reasons for a fish biting or not, and there are many more, but the most important factor is Mother Nature. Mother Nature, specifically the weather and moon have a dramatic impact on whether or not a fish will bite.

Studying these two forces of Mother Nature (the weather and moon) will do more to help you catch fish than your fishing method or the type of bait you use. What? You don't believe me? It's true, the weather and moon hold the key to unlocking the mystery of what makes a fish bite.

Have you ever had one of those great days fishing, where it seemed like no matter what you did the fish were biting? I don't know what you attributed this to, but I would bet it was because you “hit the lottery”, and were fishing when both the weather and moon were in your favor. In other words, you were fishing at the perfect time and did not realize it.

By understanding the weather, moon, and how these two forces of Mother Nature Impact fishing, you will be able to be fishing at the most opportune times. And if you're fishing at the most opportune times, you will catch more fish. Not only will you catch more fish, but you'll have a much better chance of hitting the “fishing lottery”.

Source by Trevor Kugler