Why Spooning a Trout Can Increase Your Catch Rate

When fishing for trout it is incredible important to know which type of food they are searching for and which are their favorites to eat. If you are fishing with flies, lures or bait that they have no interest in, then you may as well just pack it all up and head home. So, aside from asking the locals what works best or using your tried and tested lures, the best thing you can do is spoon trout and see exactly what they have been feeding on, up close and personal.

Not only will finding out what the local trout have been eating increase your knowledge, it will also increase your catch rate if you plan and research appropriately. Once you know the contents of their stomach, you can start to perfectly mimic their natural habitat and present them with food that they simply cannot resist. As well all know, catching trout is all about acting natural and making everything appear just how it would on an everyday basis.

The key to spooning a trout properly is finding a trout that has recently enjoyed a meal and has just moved on to better things. If the fish has eaten recently and you spoon it properly you will instantly be able to know whether local trout enjoy things such as nymphs, or if they prefer buzzers on any given day.

The tool you will need for this is a marrow spoon, which is easy to find as long as you look in the right place online or head to a trout gear store. This spoon will allow you to easily get inside the trout and extract the contents without disturbing them too much. A tip that should be obvious, but often isn't to some people, is to always use dead trout when spooning them. Spooning a live trout is just inhumane and should never be done.

What is great about spooning a trout is that you will not only find out what bait the trout enjoy, but also the colors and sizes that they prefer. This is one of the best ways to know what the trout are eating and feeding on during any given day. You will be playing much less of a guessing game than usual, and will be given the information you need to get started on the right foot when you hit the lake or the stream the next time out. While spooning trout may not be the most conventional or common method, it is one that will increase your catch rate over time and has really taken some anglers over the hump and onto the next step.

So the next time you are out fishing for trout, and stumble upon a trout that has passed away, put it to good use. Check out its contents and get in the know. That information alone could mean the entire difference between leaving for home empty handed or heading home with an icebox full of trout.

Source by Sheeba Benjamin Benju