Wireless Internet CCTV – Adding Door Sensors

Now that people are catching on to the benefits of internet CCTV, especially wireless internet CCTV, with its easy-to-fit cameras that allow viewing of property over the internet, people are starting to find that these systems are about more than just cameras. In this article I am going to show how door sensors can be connected into a wireless internet CCTV camera system.

The cameras in the average internet CCTV system are a lot more sophisticated compared to the old analogue CCTV cameras and can process more than just the “visual” data coming through the camera lens. Just as they have the ability to process digital images from the camera lens and “sense” wherever movement has occurred within their field of view, many internet CCTV cameras can also “sense” other data that is fed to them through different channels. The best of these cameras have a digital input port, which is made up of a simple pair of electrical connectors. When the voltage changes at these connectors, the camera can be configured to raise the alarm just as it does when motion is detected. In the next section I will explain how this feature can be used in practice.

Traditional alarm systems have always used sensors such as simple magnetic door contacts that cause a change in voltage in a circuit when the sensor is “tripped”, say when the door is opened and the contacts are separated. The wiring from these sensors would be fed into the alarm system's control panel and the change in voltage would cause the alarm bell to ring or a phone call to be made to an alarm center. The same sensors that are used in these alarm systems can be connected to the digital input ports of the wireless internet CCTV camera. The real beauty of the camera, though, is that it is connected to a web application that can take more intelligent action than just ringing an alarm bell on the side of the building. For example, if someone opens a door or window in your house, the camera can send you an instant text message to your mobile phone and you can then log in and see the recording of that door or window being opened, and more importantly who opened it, all just seconds after the incident happens.

In this way, the intelligence of wireless internet CCTV systems can be applied not only to CCTV camera images but also to some of the functions of the traditional burglar alarm system. It is worth bearing this in mind when choosing the equipment to protect your home or business.

Source by Michael I Harper